Attempting something new, I like historical things!

Painter X



5 Responses to “Ship”

  1. originalpink Says:

    Nice to see some more digital stuff from you! And this is so different from what I’ve seen from you so far!

    There’s some light issues that I’m thinking about thought. The windows on the back of the ship seem almost fluorescent (or just glowing). The Shininess on the ship also lacks the color from the light source (which is the sun). And never use pure black in a picture! Other than that the picture has an awesome mood to it! Just be sure to fix those small issues.

    • oppei Says:

      haha u are really criting me are you =) actually I’ve had to turn up the contrast in PS cause the original was too bland-I’m bad at high/low contrast so that’s really an issue for me.. maybe that’s why I put too much black in it hehe.
      anyhow thank you:)

  2. huxiaotian Says:

    why are you guys writting in english here? silly ppl!!!
    but its a fucklicious painting!

  3. ALeksi Says:

    Fint, jag älskar tavlor på skepp och hav^^

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